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Dodo Reusable Bags

Dodo Reusable BagsStart carrying reusable bags everywhere you go. Make it a habit when you're going to the grocery store, shopping, school, sports events, or any activity your busy schedule.
Made in America from unbleached cotton, a renewable Resource. They take minimal energy to produce, are light, durable (each bag holds up to 40 lbs.) and last for years.

  • Plastic bags kill over 100,000 birds, whales, seals and turtles each year.

  • The U.S. uses 100 billion plastic bags annually, consuming about 12 million barrels of oil, wasting our resources.

  • A million plastic bags are used every minute worldwide. That's over 500 billion bags each year polluting our planet.

  • Plastic makes up 80% of the volume of litter on land and 90% of floating litter in our ocean.

  • Plastic bags are not bio-degradable and can take up to 500 years to decompose, eventually they break down into tiny toxic bits polluting our soil, rivers, lakes and oceans.

Order Information:
13 unique designs (View Catalog)
Machine washable
Minimum Order is only 20 Bags (orders of less than 20 bags 40% profit + actual shipping cost)
$11-$13 per bag
No money due up front with account set up and credit approval
FREE Shipping in Continental US

Profit Chart

Number of Bags Revenue per Bag Profit %
20-199 $11-$30 40%
200-499 $11-$30 45%
500+ $11-$30 50%
There are no freight charges or hidden charges. Actual profit earned.